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 Medical Release Form

Eligibility: I agree to comply with the rules of Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling.

Participation: I consent to have my child or children participate in the programs offered by Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling. I, my executors, or other representatives, forever waive and release all rights and claims for damages that I or my child may have against Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling and / or its representatives whether paid or volunteer. I also affirm that I now have and will continue to provide proper hospitalization, health, and accident insurance coverage, which I consider adequate for both my child’s protection and my own protection. I understand that Gymnastics Unlimited, LLC.DBA: Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling is not regulated by DPS.

Medical Attention: I fully understand that Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling staff members are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I hereby release the Precison Gymnastics & Tumbling staff to render first aid to my child or children in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed necessary by the Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling staff to provide, through a medical staff of its choice, customary medical/athletic training attention, transportation by a Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling staff member or its representatives, whether paid or volunteer, or the calling of an ambulance for said child should the Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling staff deem this necessary.

Waiver: I am aware that I should make my child or children aware of the possibility of injury and will encourage my children to follow all the safety rules and the coaches’ instructions. I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis, and even death, as well as other damages and losses associated with participation in gymnastics activities and events. I further understand that it is the parents’ responsibility to warn their children about the dangers of gymnastics and injury. Canyon Creek Gymnastics & Tumbling, its coaches and other staff members, will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any student during the course of gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, cheerleading, or dance instruction, or open workouts or in the case of any exhibition, competition, or clinic in which my children may participate while traveling to or from the event. I also agree that Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling, its coaches and other staff members, shall not be liable for any losses or damages occurring as a result of my children’s participation in the event. Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling will only warn the child through "Safety Messages" and our teaching style and progressions.

I do hereby verify that I have read and understand and accept each of the above policies and conditions shown by checking the box YES below and that I am the legal adult of the student below.

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1. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If tuition is not received by the 10th of the month, tuition will increase $10.00 for that month. If payment is not received by the 20th, tuition will increase another additional $10.00. Child(ren) will be dropped from the program if tuition is not received by the end of the month; you will still be responsible for the tuition past due.
2. An annual registration fee of $35.00 must be paid before any class assignments can be made. The registration fee for the 2nd child is $25.00 and for the 3rd is $15.00. Registration for a family is $70.00. This is a non-refundable fee and is not part of your monthly tuition. This fee is renewable each year.
3. Students are allowed one make-up class per month. Make-ups must be done within two weeks of the missed class. Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling will not refund, discount or prorate for missed classes. Make-ups must be scheduled through the office in advance; availability is not guaranteed.
4. Lessons are based on an average of 4 classes per month per calendar year. Accounts will not be charged for months with 5 classes nor will they be credited for months with 3 classes. Holidays and closings are included in the average. Notices will be handed out for closings.
5. Cancellations due to weather or circumstances beyond the control of Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling do not constitute a make-up day. Precision Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel any class at anytime. You will be contacted to arrange another class time.
6. Precision Gymnastics & Tumbling tuition runs month to month, and its program runs throughout the year; this means through the summer as well. If there will be a period of time in wish you will not be paying tuition, the office must be given a minimum of 2 weeks written notice prior to ceasing payment. Telling a staff member or phone calls are not permitted. You will be responsible for paying tuition for the month if written notice is not received.
I have read and agree to the rules and policies stated above

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